Day 23 — December 26, 2014

When I started this 365-day photo challenge, I knew that there would be days that I would struggle to find the time to take a picture and/or any picture I took that day might not be fit for posting.

December 26 was the first such day. I was hard pressed to find time to take a photo, and when I did, nothing was in focus.

So instead, I’m taking you a day into the future (even though I’m posting about a day in the past). This was actually taken on our drive back home after getting to spend several days visiting with family in Weiser.

Winter is coming.

Winter is coming.

Winter is coming to the “upper country” as the natives of Washington County in Idaho are fond of calling the Midvale and Cambridge parts of the county.

And maybe, as of this post today, it has arrived.

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